Somali Refugee Attacks Students With Knife and Car

Democrats call for stricter gun control

Today was a terrifying day for Ohio State students.  Somali refugee Abdul Razaq Ali Artan plowed his car into a group of students on campus and came out swinging with a kitchen knife.  11 were sent to the hospital with injuries.  Although originally reported as an active shooter, 18 year old Artan appears to not have had a gun.  He was shot and killed by the police.

Artan had posted anti-America posts on his Facebook page prior to the rampage.  He seemed to suggest that America was interfering with Muslim countries.  After the attack, Hassan Omar, president of the Somali Community Association of Ohio called it upsetting, adding “We are American and we don’t want somebody to create this problem”.

Shortly after the attack, the Twitter universe erupted with calls for more gun control, including a tweet from Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee decrying the “senseless shooting at an Ohio State University”. While the scene was still fresh, former Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine added that he was “Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning.”  Ohio State University is a gun free zone, and apparently the only shooting was when Artan was shot by police.

In addition to the hero police officer who stopped the attack, there were other heroes on the scene.  In one class room, military students protected their fellow students by closing them in a room and standing guard at the door.

The press is not speculating about the motive.  Our prayers are with the injured and their families.


The Dakota Pipeline

And a burning question about civil disobedience

As always, there are two sides to every story. I would liken this to getting a permit to build a pool in your back yard, following all the steps to secure that permit after legally buying your home, getting three quarters of the way done with the pool and finding a group of protesters in your back yard one morning because your home is on a Native American burial site.  An opinion piece in the Orlando Sentinel suggests that the popular story about the Dakota Access pipeline may not be as truthful as we all think.
According to the Orlando Sentinel piece, the company followed all the rules, attempted to contact and meet with tribal leaders ahead of time, submitted to an intense permitting process, and according to court records only ran into trouble after getting 77% done with the project.  Masked by claims of intrusion on tribal land, many politicians and celebrities have been attracted to the area by the mere fact that pipelines are associated with global warming.  Typically, the true reasons for the protest lie at the end of the list of grievances.
Liberals and Libertarians have decried the police use of tactics usually reserved for trespassing rioters who destroy personal property.  Of course, that response by police and authorities may be because protesters are trespassing, rioting, and destroying personal property.  Green Party candidate Jill Stein even had a warrant for her arrest issued after vandalizing construction equipment.
If you are a protester and you are on someone else’s property destroying their equipment and costing them money, you are the one choosing the consequences of such action. If that includes water cannons on a cold day or the rubber bullets that police use against trespassing rioters, then those consequences should be accepted. If in fact the Sioux tribe is in the right and the company, government, courts, etc are in the wrong about the facts of this case, then such measures are indeed unjust.  As usual, the weight of the consequences and the violence towards the pipeline workers will be measured by public opinion.
Speaking of public opinion, here is a question for our friends on the left who are so outraged at the treatment of protesters who are on government or private land, destroying private equipment, and refusing to move. Where were you when an Oregon farmer was sent to jail for protecting government land with a controlled burn to prevent wildfires? Remember when a bunch of farmers protesting the government’s attempt to seize Cliven Bundy’s land protested by seizing a remote ranger’s station?
Despite not damaging the station, these protesters weren’t called demonstrators.  They were called occupiers and trespassers.  More liberal media outlets labeled them as white militants.  This didn’t end with riot gear.  It ended with the FBI shooting and killing one of the ranchers at a traffic stop.  Where were the celebrities, politicians, etc during the Bundy protests?  The media is focusing on land taken from the Sioux hundreds of years ago and ignores special laws designed to help Native Americans today. During the Oregon mess the media asked why farmers would be so obstinate about the government taking their land when they receive so many subsidies.
To be clear, I’m not suggesting the Oregon farmers were right in their standoff.  But neither are the rioters and vandals at the Dakota Pipeline site.  Add this sad tale to the mounting argument of a biased and inconsistent media reporting.

The Jill Stein Recount Scam

No really, it’s over.

As of press time, Jill Stein has raised almost $5 million from sad Clinton supporters who actually think her recount plan is a thing. Stein has set her goal now at $7 million.  So the obvious question is can money buy a recount?  The answer is maybe.  The more important question is would it make a difference.

In 2004, the Green Party demanded a recount in Ohio which resulted in Kerry picking up another 300 votes.  Nothing changed.  Stein is looking for recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Trump won by 36 Electoral College votes, so all three states would have to flip.

Flipping the election to Hillary would require a change of about 27,000 votes in Wisconsin. To give you some perspective, Stein’s total vote count in Wisconsin was only 30,000. Michigan would have to flip 10,000 votes; and the prize, Pennsylvania, would have to go 68,000 votes in the other direction for Hillary to win.  Jill Stein could give Hillary her 48,000 votes in Pennsylvania and it wouldn’t make a difference.

Stick a fork in it, the 2016 Presidential election is done.

Stein’s claims of election hacking stem from a New York Magazine article suggesting that electronic voting could have been hacked.  But the experts cited in that article clarified later that there was no actual evidence that it had been hacked.  If we are looking for a hack, it might be better to look at Jill Stein herself who seems very concerned about helping Hillary Clinton win.  In particular, let’s look at where the money goes when this recount silliness never happens.

According to the Washington Post, which acknowledges that a recount will produce no changes, much of the funds could go toward recount efforts.  However, the $7 million goal and $5 million raised so far exceeds the original cost estimate of $2.1 million.  So that’s a lot of extra dough. In 2004, the Green Party only raised $150,000 to do the Ohio recount.

Stein’s website states that they “cannot guarantee a recount will happen in any of these states we are targeting.”  The “surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform.”  That broad category could make the funds available for other Green Party recognition efforts.  In the name of promoting voting system reform, the Green Party could run ads, print billboards, and engage in other marketing efforts all branded with their party name.  That could give them a pretty good jump on 2020.

Just to add one last bit of perspective: Jill Stein’s recount effort has already eclipsed the total of $3.5 million she raised for her 2016 campaign.


A Vietnamese American, a Jew, and a Nazi…

…walk into a white supremacist conference…

They just don’t make white supremacists like they used to.

The nation was riled this week to see the alt-right so emboldened by Donald Trump’s victory that people at white supremacist conferences were doing the unthinkable.  They were doing Nazi salutes.  At a white supremacist conference, if you can believe that. Thousands were gathering…I’m sorry, I meant hundreds were gathering…no, that’s still wrong.  150 gathered for an annual neo-Nazi conference, with another 150 outside protesting.  At the conference, the media got a snapshot of the sordid details of what goes on inside when one of the more famous members took a selfie of their salute and posted it on Twitter.

That was all the media needed to start the 24 hour clock on the new narrative.  Donald Trump’s election had created the new neo-Nazi movement.  You would think this event must have had a million people, because when tens of thousands of pro-lifers gather in DC every year the media is no where to be found.  But no.  150.

So why all the buzz?  Aside from the media narrative, who would even notice three neo-Nazis saluting Hitler?  That’s the odd thing.  The picture was tweeted by adult model and reality television star Tila Tequila.

Tila Tequila, born Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, is a bi-sexual Vietnamese American who emigrated to the United States after the Vietnam war.  In addition to posing nude for several magazines, having sex tapes, and a VH1 reality show, Nguyen has (or had, I should say) a very active alt-right Twitter account supporting Trump.  Of course, her presence makes this white supremacist outing slightly more diverse than the last meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus.

But she wasn’t the odd one in that photo.  To complicate matters even more, reports that the man standing on her right is Jewish.  Saluting Hitler??

Apparently, he was there to investigate the movement and the picture was meant as a joke.  I’m sure he wasn’t anticipating how much the media was starved for evidence that the Nazis were taking over the country because Trump was elected.  And actually, it was a pretty good joke.  In addition to riling the media up, it has riled the neo-Nazi whackos who cannot believe a Jew got in their clubhouse (language alert).

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be concerned about white supremacist groups.  But maybe we can rest a little easier knowing that 150 of them (or I guess 148 plus a Vietnamese pornstar and a Jewish prankster) are not quite the Trump led neo-Nazi revolution the media has been reporting.  They haven’t even quite figured out the “white European” part.

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you

Trump says goodbye Common Core, hello school choice

President-elect Donald Trump made a gutsy move in his pick for Education Secretary.  Trump has chosen Betsy DeVos, described as national leader in the school choice movement.  This is terrible news for public school unions.  On the other hand, it is great news for minorities and the poor.

School choice is an area where conservatives tend to be more progressive than their liberal counterparts.  Part of that may be because of the tight relationship between the public teachers unions and the Democrat party.  Combined, the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers gave about $23 million to Democrats and liberal groups this past year.  They gave about $300,000 to Republicans.

School choice would endanger public schools by taking away the monopoly they have on minority and low income families.  It would open them up to competition with private schools by taking what the government would have spent on public education and turning it into a voucher that parents could use elsewhere.  Basically, school choice provides disadvantaged students more opportunities for a better education at the cost of long-time ingrained teachers and administrations at failing public schools.

common-coreDeVos brings another positive to conservatives.  She opposes federal Common Core standards.  Common Core has at times been supported by Republicans like Jeb Bush, but has also become the butt of many jokes. A common criticism has been that Common Core forces schools to use counter-intuitive teaching methods.

Predictably, the National Education Association has opposed her nomination, calling school choice a “failed scheme”.  In our opinion, opposition by the NEA is a clear positive for a nominee.  The Michigan Democrat party also voiced its opposition to DeVos for promoting school choice.  However, liberals to date have failed to demonstrate how school choice would help wealthy, privileged children rather than the poor and disadvantaged students who currently have no options.

DeVos joins South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as the second female appointee in Trump’s new government. Haley will be serving as ambassador to the UN.

How Trump won and Clinton lost

Five things the media missed…

The question has been asked and answered several times.  In an attempt at self-diagnosis, the media has theorized about why the perfect, most qualified candidate in history lost to a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic deplorable.  They are still missing the correct answers.  Here are five facts and perceptions the media continues to overlook.

The Black Vote

One of the biggest aspects of Hillary Clinton’s loss that the media is only now recognizing is the million or so African Americans who stayed home.  Barack Obama won 93% of the black vote in 2012, Hillary received 88%.  That was the lowest percent in this demographic since the last white Democrat to run and lose in 2004.  An inconvenient truth for the DNC is that after losing two elections in a row against Bush, about 1 million new African American voters came out to vote for the first African American candidate. Then they disappeared. It was the largest demographic shift from 2012 to 2016. Nothing significant has changed in the DNC platform in 20 years.  Obama successfully played the race card, Clinton had no such luck with the gender card.

A Flawed Candidate

Part of the reason the gender card did not work is that Hillary Clinton was not what many women wanted to be representative of the historical first female President.  Clinton was flawed from the start.  Anyone looking at the email scandal could see that she had violated the law.  Democrats could justify voting for Clinton because the FBI refused to recommend an indictment, but even then Comey’s statement was basically that Clinton was too incompetent to be a criminal or hold a government job.

Clinton was the chosen one.  But unlike Obama, she knew it and ran on it.  Obama at least bothered to have a message.  Even during the debates, Hillary seemed to be scared to stray from memorized platitudes and applause lines.  It didn’t help when she experienced public health issues or lashed out at critics.  Throughout the whole thing she acted as though she was entitled to the Presidency and offended if anyone didn’t agree.

Of course, most people who would be discouraged to vote for her because of her criminality or entitlement were already #neverhillary.  Cheating in the primary, controlling the media, and all of the filth that came out of the Podesta emails swayed independents more than the blind DNC is willing to admit.  Even when Sanders came out and endorsed Clinton, it was not enough to change the fact that she had canceled the revolution.  More people stayed home in 2016 than voted.  The crowds that belonged to Bernie Sanders did not follow Hillary Clinton.

Third Parties Failed

The Clinton campaign has lashed out at third party voters since the end of the campaign. But Gary Johnson voters did not have a significant effect on the election.  If you think Gary Johnson’s 3% was anything significant, I would remind you that third party votes have been 2-3% since the last Clinton era when third parties took 10% in ’96 and almost 20% in ’92.  2016 should have been the best opportunity for a third party to make an impact because nobody liked the two main choices.  Consistently in polls, Gary Johnson pulled from both parties.

Gary Johnson was a flawed candidate.  A liberal Republican pretending to be a Libertarian, Johnson was joined by liberal Republican Bill Weld who spent more time praising and defending Clinton than advancing Johnson.

Gary Johnson himself was a clown who demonstrated often that he had no foreign policy intelligence and was probably high during the entire campaign.  Libertarians selected Johnson and pressed forward with no intention of winning, but hoping and praying that someone would realize they existed.  2020 may change their fortunes, but 2016 can objectively be seen as nothing other than a massive failure.  They gave it a Ralph Nader effort and walked away with the same result.

Not All Republicans Are Alt-Right

When Hillary Clinton labeled a large portion of Republicans as “deplorables”, I called that her “47%” moment.  Democrats made a huge miscalculation when they tried to substitute substance with sectarian attacks.  The problem is most Republicans do not believe that they are racist, sexist, bigoted, and many do not even consider themselves homophobic. That is probably because they aren’t.  Sure, some are.  The KKK, who Trump denounced 14 times, are all those things.  But the vast majority of Republicans view the KKK through the historical lens of their past involvement with the Democrat party.  The vast majority of Republicans feel no connection to the KKK and are offended when they are lumped together.

The vast majority of Republicans are also smarter than the media thought.  When Trump said Mexico was sending rapists and murderers, Republicans understood that he was talking about illegal immigrants and simply making the point that scientists, doctors and engineers are not crossing our border illegally.  Republicans also read through his poor communication skills to understand that he was talking about illegal immigrants and not Mexicans in general.  When celebrities called Trump Hitler, many Republicans rolled their eyes remembering they said the same thing about Romney, Bush, and others.  Trump was the beneficiary of generation so over inundated by superlatives and hyperbole that it has lost any affect.

When Democrats even today toss out insane metaphors and analogies, most recently how Trump’s cabinet selection has been Stalin-esque, sane people roll their eyes.  That is a big part of why Trump won.

The “Alt-Left” and Right Anger

What do you call it when someone refuses services to a particular group based on their beliefs?  What do you call it when one group that hates another group takes to the streets and destroys private property whenever they don’t get their way?  What do you call it when it is OK for one group to discriminate, but not the other?  These are the perceptions that drove the angry vote.  When celebrities, professors, and Wall Street try to marginalize conservatives or label them as dangerous, that drives conservatives to the polls.

The anger vote has been a narrative in the media since Trump won the primary.  The anger vote was significant, but the causes have been misdiagnosed.  The media narrative seemed to equate the anger vote with white supremacists and fringe members of the Right.  Even now, leftists like Jon Stewart and Michael Moore are correcting the Left’s perception on what drove rightwing anger.  It wasn’t simply a case of a bunch of racists not wanting a black or female President.  It had very little to do with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage.  It had far more to do with reaction to destructive policies hurting our country and the “Alt-Left”, AKA SJWs.

Republicans voted for Trump mainly because of failed policies.  Obamacare drove insurance rates through the roof.  After 8 years of reported national recovery, people were still waiting for their own recovery.  Hillary Clinton listed two litmus tests for Supreme Court justices. They amounted to invalidating the 2nd amendment and legalizing all forms of abortion at all stages of a pregnancy.  We lost ground in every foreign engagement we involved ourselves in, including making ridiculous deals and ransom payments to Iran, consistently being embarrassed by Russia and China, losing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and rushing head first into messy entanglements in Syria, Libya, Egypt, and wherever else we could arm terrorists.

Perhaps the most Republican anger came at SJWs (Social Justice Warriors).  Again, these are just observations of the sentiments that were expressed by the Right.  The feeling was that professors created safe spaces to protect primarily liberal students from primarily conservatives students.  Conservative views were oppressed in Universities in demonstrable ways.  Anyone who disagreed with Obama or Clinton were too quickly labeled racist.  Eventually, the term “Alt-Right” was coined and used as a catch all to quickly dismiss anyone who was angry at the Left.

For every 100 sincere Black Lives Matters protesters attempting to bring light to police brutality, there were another 100 paid by George Soros to smash windows and set cars on fire.  In fact, many BLM protesters turned out to be Occupy Wall Street protesters recycled.

It seemed as though the entire race war was scripted.  While black protesters hugged police officers in the streets and people sought healing, bussed in groups of community organizers chanted “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” and called for violence against police.  The angry Republicans were the ones sitting in their cars stopped on the highway by Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter protesters.  Angry voters were driven by what should have been a charge of indifference, but was instead over-inflated into a charge of all historical racial and financial injustice.

Occupy Wall Street, the original Soros funded mob, was no better.  Americans across the country who still believe in the American Dream were being accused of hoarding and oppressing these liberal tent dwellers. Yet the movement collapsed in on itself and the DNC put forward a candidate who made $500,000 an hour giving speeches to Wall Street. It is no wonder American workers voted for Trump.

The Result

In the end, the election came down to two candidates who were so scary that neither side could afford to back down.  Trump didn’t win because half the country is racist.  He won because half the country was scared of Hillary Clinton, scared of her policies, and scared of how the SJWs already viewed them.  Desiring everything Hillary Clinton did not represent, and regardless of what Trump did represent, half the country voted #neverhillary and for the only viable alternative they had.  Trump wasn’t a great communicator.  He didn’t have to be.  All he had to say was “I’m going to make America great again, and I’m not Hillary Clinton”.

The Stephen Bannon Missed Opportunity

How the playing the race card vindicated Bannon

The Left missed a huge opportunity with Steve Bannon. Bannon has the same disrespect of women problem that Trump has. He went through a messy divorce, and there were allegations of violence against his wife. He’s said some not very nice things about feminists. But liberals didn’t go that route.
Instead, liberals went the race card route. Not just fringe left liberals, but the entire media establishment had Bannon packaged and labeled before it was even announced what his position would be with the administration. It fit the narrative. Trump is a racist, Bannon is a racist. They are all just a bunch of racists. You are asking for evidence? Wow. Just wow. How ignorant must you be to not already innately know this about them.
But the only problem is Bannon is not a racist. After claiming he was, the Anti-Defamation League had to go back and admit that they couldn’t find any racist things he’s ever said. The evidence that Bannon is a racist boiled down to him hiring Milo Yiannopoulus as an editor at Breitbart. And we all know Milo is a bigot and a racist. Yup, Milo. The antisemitic Jew who is also a homophobic homosexual. The leader of the alt-right movement.  And guilt by association is a well established argument to prove that someone is a racist.
It seems to me that the Left missed their chance by going off the deep end with the race card. Bannon is not a great guy. He is not pure red white and blue patriotism as Sarah Palin presents him. But it’s too late to change the narrative. Bannon will know be known as one more victim of loony Leftist racism allegations, vindicated by the truth.
I guess the Left didn’t want to go the “bad to women” angle considering they just spent the last year trying to put the Clintons back in office.  Despite Bannon’s faults, Bill Clinton makes Stephen Bannon look like a gentleman.